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Sirius goes Forth!

The 4th Sirius Reunion

Did you miss the 2003 Sirius reunion?
Then you missed a great event!
The whole event was planned and organised by Andy Ayres, assisted by his family. It's easy to take these events for granted, but I would like to note my own thanks to Andy & Lisa. Your effort was well worth it, and we all enjoyed it immensely. The atmosphere has changed since the first few - now it is no longer strangers looking for half remembered faces, but old friends meeting up again. 

If you haven't been before, I can guarantee that you will find people you know, and you'll soon be swinging the lantern with the rest of  us.

160 guests, of whom 100 were ex Dog Stars, attended the reunion at the Senior Rates Mess in HMS Drake on 4th October. We all had a great time - in my view the best yet. Dinger Bell (ex CPOMEA(L)) collected over 100 for the Lord Mayor of Westminster's Charity fund.

On Sunday rather fewer of us visited HMS Albion, and following a tour we were treated to a beer or two in the Chief's mess. Thanks Swampy, that was great.


Reunion Photos

These were taken with my new(ish) digital camera, with what I now see is an inadequately powered flash. Consequently, they are not up to my usual standard, for which I apologise. But any picture is better than no picture, and I have been able to process and upload them much quicker than from slides or prints.


I know many more of you were taking photos. Please email them to me if you would like others to see them.


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