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Sirius Reunion, October 2003

WO & SR's Mess HMS Drake, Devonport, 4th Oct 2003
My apologies for the poor technical quality. Obviously an excuse to buy a new digital camera! If you can add names, drop me a line. (My ability to remember names, even if I know you, has largely disappeared. Put it down to rum and age.)
Please email your own photos, and I'll put them up. 

01_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (47731 bytes)


02_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (45210 bytes)

?, John Yeoman 85-88, Banjo West, Jan Schofield_85-88, Doc Gregg 85-87

03_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (33319 bytes)
04_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (42827 bytes)

Benny Goodman 84-87, Colin Craven 85-88, Chris Gore 85-88

05_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (34837 bytes) 06_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (41492 bytes)

1st commish - Mrs Cock, RMech Jumper Collins, LME Jock Train. CPOME Bill Cock

07_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (38500 bytes)

1st Commish, Mrs Cock, MEM Bob Lawton, UC (sorry mate, I've forgotten again!)

08_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (36494 bytes) 09_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (39925 bytes)

1st commish. ?, ?, Karen Rollinson, Art app Tim Rollinson

Rosemary_Newton,_Time_&_Karen_Rollinson_Oct_2003.jpg (49870 bytes)

Rosemary Newton (Mrs Isaac), Tim & Karen Rollinson

11_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (47405 bytes)

Cdr David Nolan, CPO Pam Ayres

12_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (47976 bytes)
13_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (50627 bytes)

1st Commish, Mrs Greaves, AB Jimmy Greaves (RP), ?

14_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (45348 bytes) 1st commission by Paul_liu.jpg (57048 bytes)

1st Commish. L-R standing: ME Bob Lawton, Art App Isaac Newton,  AB Jimmy Greaves, ?, CPOME Bill Cock, 

seated: UC ??, R Mech Jumper Collins, LME Jock Train, ?,

This photo taken by Paul Liu. Thanks Paul. More of Paul's photos here

17_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (49447 bytes)

I can't imagine what Tim Rollinson has just said to Lisa Ayres!

18_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (48663 bytes) 20_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (36438 bytes)

Chris Gore 85-88, Colin Craven 85-88, Tim Coonan 84-87, Ginge Cantrell 85-88

21_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (44006 bytes) 22_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (35476 bytes)

Benny Goodman 84-87, John Yeoman 85-88, MAA Mark Bardsley 85-88

23_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (38371 bytes)
25_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (47390 bytes) Group_left_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (51160 bytes)

Full group - left

Group_right_Sirius_reunion_2003.jpg (90777 bytes)

..and right. Sort out your own names!

Devonport_dockyard_Oct2003.jpg (36315 bytes)


HMS_Albion_Oct2003.jpg (49495 bytes)

HMS Albion, fo'c'sle


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