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2006 is Sirius's 40th anniversary

An anniversary reunion will be was held in HMS Nelson, Portsmouth on June 10th 2006. See the gory evidence here: Photos & Photos2


MESSAGE FROM THE 1st CO, Admiral Sir Derek Reffell

             I very much regret not being able to be with you this week-end, but send this message through John Train, to be read out at a suitable time. The date has been in my diary for months, coming immediately after a visit to friends in Seattle and a cruise up the Alaskan coast – a rare opportunity for some sea-time, but in comfort and without watch-keeping or responsibilities! Our return date was to have been before this week-end, allowing us to attend Sunday’s Church Service. However, to my horror, when everything else was booked and we came to arrange the flights, we could not get back to Heathrow until 1145 on Sunday, too late for us to join you all. A great disappointment – but I have to admit that such a story related at the Captain’s Table by an absentee would have got the comment ‘a very good reason, but no bloody excuse!’

            For me Sirius has always been very special: I was her first Captain and she was my first Fleet Command. When we went off to Portland for work-up, FOST told me that first commissions are very important because they set the tone for the rest of a ship’s life. I reckon we did a pretty good job and gave Sirius a good reputation from the beginning. This was not my doing, but the result of the sterling efforts of the whole Ship’s Company: and that reputation was maintained by subsequent Ship’s Companies, as I discovered when I embarked briefly in the ship off the Falklands in 1982.

            Of course we were helped by a unique programme: our Pacific visits to Australia, New Zealand and several islands, culminating in Tonga for the King’s Coronation. Unforgettable, and a fascinating time for us all.

            So, my apologies for not being with you on this important Anniversary: my thanks to all in the First Commission for their unremitting efforts and the resulting successes; and my congratulations to all those Dog Stars who came after us for maintaining the highest standards. I hope you will enjoy this Reunion and only regret that I am not with you all .



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