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 Sirius Features Prominently in New Book

  ‘The Life and Exploits of a Maltese Sailor’

The author, Danny Marks started his naval career as an ERA working his way to Lieutenant Commander.  He served in HMS Sirius as the Engineer Officer under the first three captains.  In his book he devotes more than two out of the twenty chapters to the time he served in the ship.  Born in Malta he recalls those days when ‘Britannia Ruled the Waves’ when a formidable fleet was stationed on the island.  He describes Malta’s ordeal during the Second World War where he was as a teenager and ‘Operation Pedestal’, the most protected convoy of the war, which saved the island just a fortnight before it would have had to surrender.  In his book he gives vivid descriptions of the ship’s journeys to the South West Pacific, the Far East, North America and the Mediterranean. He goes on to recount his 29 years in the service, a tale packed with incident and observation and his adventures in countless ports and cities, lakes, rivers and mountain ranges, set in historical and cultural contexts across the five continents.  He tells the reader of how easily he could have joined the ranks of those with ‘a girl in every port’

The book has already been widely circulated and well received with favourable comments.  It may be obtained and signed by the author for £10, including postage and packing, from 17, Aldford Close, Bromborough, Wirral, CH63 OPT.   Part of the proceeds from copies of the book sold by the author are donated to the ‘Friends of the Sea’.

A Sample of ‘What the Readers Say’

‘What a wonderful story of nearly 86 years’ experience.  The words paint a picture of the naval personalities who had global experience’.  (Captain P Stickland, RN Rtd.)

‘I very much enjoyed reading about a most interesting life in the RN in what I regard as a superb autobiography’    (Mr D Waller, Maritime History Specialist).

‘An excellent book which I enjoyed reading immensely.  It relates a life story with many unusual features set out in interesting episodes, introduced with historical and current affairs scenarios which drives the reader onwards’.  (Mr L Leigh, North Wales History Researcher and Writer).

‘I enjoyed the book from start to finish.  A good read with good illustrations and thoroughly recommended. Go buy it’.  (HMS Saintes Reunion Association Secretary).

‘I found the book to be a good read and very informative.  I also learned how sailors live on board a warship and how they prepare for possible world conflicts.  Mr C Holingworth (Retired Estate Regional Director)



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