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 Readers' Lives

( Sorry, I couldn't resist that. Next website on Honey - "Readers' Hives").  Donations are welcomed, especially of people. My thanks to the donors (names in brackets beside each thumbnail).  See scanning guide.  Viewers - please tell me about any errors or omissions. These photos have been tuned for a fast download. Higher resolution (and therefore bigger files) copies may be available, just ask, but there may be a delay for a reply.

New photos will appear first to make it easy to see if there's anything new. 

web-POs-St-Kitts.jpg (122369 bytes)

Cocktail party prep, W Indies (Dick Perry)

Web-dick-kefford-West-Indies.jpg (100079 bytes)

St Kitts 1970-Dick Kefford, Bob Sharp (Dick Perry)

web-Sirius-in-Hartlepool-1991.jpg (96162 bytes)

Hartlepool 1991 (Paul Barker)

web-coms-dept-sirius-1985-001.jpg (105076 bytes)

Comms Dept 1985 (Paul Barker)

front  1 ?, 2 Pritchard, 3 CY Williams, 4 ?, 5 ?, 6 LRO Bell

back: Jam Scaife, 2 Poncho Villa, 3,4,5 ?

Xmas-1979.jpg (81716 bytes)

Xmas 1979 (John Goode)

Fuzz-stokers mess 1966-web.jpg (78825 bytes)

Stokers mess 1966 (Fuzz Falzon)

Fuzz-stokers mess 1966-web-2.jpg (81872 bytes)

Stokers mess 1966 (Fuzz Falzon)

Phil-Bridge-Tony-Davis.jpg (60848 bytes)

Phil Bridge & Tony Davis meet again, Niagara Falls 2010

web-HMS-SIRIUS-May-June-198.jpg (52604 bytes)

Entering Pompey 1989 (Glen White)

web-black-tot-day.jpg (56468 bytes)

Black tot day hymn (Gordon Hardcastle)

web-tongan-flag.jpg (185670 bytes)

Navy News July 1967 (Pete Melvin)

1969-WI--0027-.jpg (80721 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969-WI--0025-.jpg (77667 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969-WI--0023.jpg (95429 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969---70-WI--0043.jpg (120787 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969---70-WI--0041.jpg (94378 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969---70-WI--0040.jpg (79175 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969---70-WI--0038-Farewell.jpg (65549 bytes)

West Indies, last tot  1970 (Mike Tierney)

1969---70-WI--0036.jpg (113120 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969---70-WI--0033.jpg (43855 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969---70-WI--0030.jpg (88887 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

1969---70-WI--0029-Miami.jpg (100768 bytes)

West Indies  1969 (Mike Tierney)

Adelaide1988-02.jpg (102317 bytes)

Adelaide 1988, (Glen, stoker on HMNZS Waikato)

Tag Gorton- Marc Aston- Pete Sets.jpg (70359 bytes)

Tag Gorton, Marc Aston, Pete Sets, Athens 1971 (Marc Aston)

John Cauf'- Taff Owen- Marc Aston.jpg (80875 bytes)

John Cauf, Taff Owen, Marc Aston Crete 1971 (Marc Aston)

HMS Sirius 1971 Crete .jpg (70857 bytes)

Crete 1971 (Marc Aston)

Crete - Marc Aston-Tag Gorton.jpg (100637 bytes)

Marc Aston, Tag Gorton Crete 1971 (Marc Aston)

The previous 3 photos were supplied by Mark Cross, whose father Robert Cross served 1969-70, and who died in 1974. Mark would welcome contact with anyone who knew his father. Contact webmaster. football team 1969.jpg (176370 bytes)

Football team 1969 (The late R Cross's son Mark Cross)

Brum Davies  Geordie Lonsdale Taff Barwick RCross.jpg (123486 bytes)

Brum Davies, Geordie Lonsdale, Taff Barwick and Robert Cross 1970 (The late R Cross's son Mark Cross)

Trinidad 1970.jpg (137682 bytes)

Trinidad 1970 (The late R Cross's son Mark Cross)

comms soccer team 1979 Oman.jpg (109011 bytes)

Comms & EW Mess soccer team, Oman 1979 (George Malcolmson)

football-team-web.jpg (78956 bytes)

1967 football team (Gunga Dunne)

web1-tonga-feast-invite0001.jpg (42983 bytes)

Tonga coronation invite (Rod Ward, HMAS Anzac)

web2-tonga-feast-invite0001.jpg (23857 bytes)

Tonga coronation invite (Rod Ward, HMAS Anzac)

web-3EZ-mess.jpg (76054 bytes)

3 EZ mess, Outback 88 - includes a slim Pam Ayres, so it WAS a long time ago! (Dusty Rhodes)

web_seamens_mess_Aarhus.jpg (52634 bytes)

Tazz Tarry, George Malcolmson, Danish man and his son, Seamen's mess, Aarhus Denmark

web_2_jocks.jpg (38611 bytes)

2 Jocks - George Malcolmson & Bob Keillor

web_Dorset_News.jpg (65928 bytes)

Our hero

web_comms_mess_comm_day_197.jpg (56913 bytes)

Comms mess commissioning day 1977. L-R: Wolfie Weir; Maureen & George Malcolmson; Bert Weedon + bird; Richard Grassby; Shiner Wright; Cozy Powell in front. (George Malcolmson)

web_xmas_day_1979.jpg (50162 bytes)

Comms mess Xmas day 1979. L-R: ?, RO Buster Brown; LRO Brum Good; ? (wearing captains rig) George Malcolmson; Capt Michael L'Strange Tudor Craig; AB EW Higgins (George Malcolmson)

web-Boarding-party-Windies-.jpg (52195 bytes)

Boarding party, West Indies, early 70's (Baz Thompson)

Dockyard-museum.jpg (24771 bytes)

Seen in Pompey dockyard museum by Bob Burton

John-garwood13.jpg (56456 bytes)

SNOWI's divisions, Bermuda 1973 (John Garwood)

John-garwood12.jpg (24721 bytes)

HRH on Minerva (John Garwood)

John-garwood11.jpg (42550 bytes)

(John Garwood)

John-garwood10.jpg (52304 bytes)

(John Garwood)

John-garwood8.jpg (31895 bytes)

Brian Bain & Barry Thomson (John Garwood)

John-garwood7.jpg (29579 bytes)

"Smith & Pink Panther", (John Garwood)

John-garwood5.jpg (39140 bytes)

(John Garwood)

John-garwood4.jpg (39071 bytes)

(John Garwood)

John-garwood3.jpg (39140 bytes)

(John Garwood)

John-garwood2.jpg (27840 bytes)

(John Garwood)

John-garwood1.jpg (40789 bytes)

 (John Garwood)

The recommissioning lists were supplied by Bob Burton. Bob also has a Word document with a number of thumbnails of ships company. It's too large to put on the site (Over 1 MB), but emailable if you're on broadband. Contact Bob if you would like him to email it to you. 1977-recommissioning-list-1.jpg (42511 bytes)

1977 recommissioning List

1977-recommissioning-list-2.jpg (46072 bytes)

1977 recommissioning List

1977-recommissioning-list-3.jpg (29442 bytes)

1977 recommissioning List

1977-recommissioning-list-4.jpg (23566 bytes)

1977 recommissioning List

web-brasso-russel-robbie-go.jpg (44434 bytes)

Brasso, Russel, Robbie (Bob Burton)

web-distexbost1978.jpg (79701 bytes)

Distex 1978, (Bob Burton)

Lenny Marples 2005.jpg (43371 bytes)

Lenny Marples, Bev Bacon, Phil Bridge, Alan 'Streaky' Bacon, Hanny Bridge. Ex Sirius 1977-1980 era (Lenny)

George-M.jpg (48444 bytes)

George Malcolmson

web-curacao_harbour_annot.jpg (52868 bytes)

Entering Curacao 1972 (Ron Goodwin)

web-the_pres_annot.jpg (31235 bytes)

"Pres" 3F Mess 1972 (Ron Goodwin)

web-Chageramus_annot.jpg (27840 bytes)

Chageramus 1972 (Ron Goodwin)

web-Curacao_yacht_club2_ann.jpg (37615 bytes)

Curacao Yacht Club 1972 (Ron Goodwin)

Marching-Through-Hobart-198.jpg (67225 bytes)

Hobart, Tasmania, 1988. The only man in step (at the front) is Tom Morton

Bass-Straits-1---1988.jpg (65872 bytes)

Bass Straits 1988 (Tom Morton)

Bass-Straits-1988.jpg (56397 bytes)

Bass Straits (Tom Morton) (Now I know why working in the Sonar Instrument Space wasn't much fun!)

Bass-Straits-3---1988.jpg (47426 bytes)

Bass Straits 1988 (Tom Morton)

Boyz-Thailand-web.jpg (42368 bytes)

Thailand 1988 (Clint ??)

3M-Sirius-88-web.jpg (39366 bytes)

3MP 1988 (Clint ??)

3MP-Boyz-web.jpg (41194 bytes)

3MP 1988 (Clint ??)

sirius launch perhaps.jpg (26728 bytes)

This might be Sirius's launching. Can anyone confirm or deny this? (Tim West)

Xmas duties 2.jpg (42065 bytes)

Xmas 1988, For'd PO's mess 3EZ (Mick Postill)

Xmas duties.jpg (52806 bytes)

Xmas 1988, For'd sailor's mess 3EZ (Mick Postill)

Ships company 2 web.jpg (59868 bytes)

Ship's company, 1988 (Mick Postill

and a larger version here (500KB)

Sydney harbour.jpg (278615 bytes)

Sydney Harbour, 1988 (Mick Postill)

Exocet shoot.jpg (179741 bytes)

Exocet shoot, South China Sea 1988 (Mick Postill)

ChrimboSirius web.jpg (48896 bytes)

Christmas  1977.  From left to right.  Dally Dalemore, Brum, Bungy Williams, Tazz Tarry, Screwy Driver, John Holness, LREG, Phil Owen, Sacky Milner, Taff Knowles and Taff Edwards (Graham Jackson)

commissioning1977 web.jpg (47025 bytes)

Jacko cuts the commissioning cake Dec 1977 (Graham Jackson)

Mick Sirius 2 web.jpg (34723 bytes)

Just good friends (Mick Pinchen)

Mick Sirius 3 web.jpg (48562 bytes)

RM Detachment on Vieques? OCRM was Lt Bob Fletcher, Sgt Major was Bill Eades, Cpl Keith Murray, Bernie Barlow the booty chef and many more.  (Mick Pinchen)

Peter Port Guernsey Baz Plumb and Ginge pinchen web.jpg (42212 bytes)

Peterport, Guernsey. Baz Plumb & Mick Pinchen (Mick Pinchen)

Sirius RM 6 web.jpg (49688 bytes)

Ginge Pinchen, Pete Flynn, Griff, Marc Marcantonio, Paul Fletcher, 'Claire' & Smudge Smith on Monseratte (Mick Pinchen)

Sirius RM 1 web.jpg (43014 bytes)

Divisions at HMS Malabar Bermuda (Mick Pinchen)

Sirius RM 3 wb.jpg (45068 bytes)

Bermuda news cutting (Mick Pinchen)

Mick Sirius 1 web.jpg (28045 bytes)

Mick Pinchen

Sirius Boatparty web.jpg (24814 bytes)

Motor Cutter with Cdr Nolan aboard off Antigua. Cpl Geoff Patterson at the helm and Mne Paul Fletcher as bowman.  (Mick Pinchen)

Dan_Ferro_HMS Sirius_up_the_Trot_web.jpg (46852 bytes)

Up the trot - Daniel Ferro

Dan_Ferro_Sirius_web.jpg (40483 bytes)

Daniel Ferro

UA_stokers_Singapore_football_team_1967.jpg (51689 bytes)

1st Commission Stokers UA football team, Singapore 1967 (Bob Lawton/Peter Huxtable)

back : Bob Lawton; Pony Moore, Pete Melvin, Don Weston, Chip Jones, Fuzz Falzone

front: Jan Ayres, Clive Baldwin, Wiggy Wigmore, Brian Skipworth

Grog_Stokers_Singapore football_team_1967.jpg (51240 bytes)

1st Commission Stokers Grog football team, Singapore 1967 (Bob Lawton/Peter Huxtable)

back: Ginge Davies, Jan Perry, Dave Etheridge (Big E), Jock Train, Johnny Yeoman(Yeo), George Richmond

Front: Dick Chayter....Roy Patrick.....John Jones....Hoppy Hopewell......Cliff Richards

Cleo_Argonaut_Sirius.jpg (46047 bytes)

The last Leanders:

HMS Cleopatra, HMS Argonaut, HMS Sirius

(Adam Phillips. From www.hmsargonaut.co.uk

Stokers_after_Sunday_service_Indian_Ocean_1967.jpg (40239 bytes)

Stokers in No. 6 overalls, after church service, Indian Ocean 1967.
Back: Pony Moore, Dave Rayney, Ginge Davies, Johnny Yeoman
front: Jan ?, Dick Chayter, Roy Patrick, Cliff Richard (Bob Lawton/Peter Huxtable)

George_Mortimore_Sirius)from_Grey_Rover_Ex_Springtrain_Apr89_proc.jpg (54966 bytes)

Sirius from RFA Grey Rover, Exercise Spring Train, April 1989 (George Mortimore)


comms dept hms sirius 1968 -twhite1.jpg (55267 bytes)

Comms dept 1968 (Terence White)


comms dept hms sirius 1968 -twhite2.jpg (47862 bytes)

Comms dept 1968 (Terence White)


Sirius from ARA Libertad Oct1966 - Carlos Rufino.jpg (44480 bytes)

Sirius from the Argentinian training ship "ARA Libertad", English Channel Oct 1966, (Carlos Rufino, Buenos Aires, Argentina).


ARA Libertad - is she not beautiful? 

SIRIUS Tom Morton.jpg (55182 bytes)

A sad end for a fine ship (Tom Morton)

Less than 24 hours after posting the photo on the left I've had a complaint that it is in bad taste. 

A straw poll disagreed, and reckoned it was appropriate, a part of the ship's life story. 

sands_from_Mick_Cantrill_Sept86_proc.jpg (69657 bytes)

S & S Dept Summer 1986

(Mick Cantrill)

sirius ships coy 1986.jpg (59863 bytes)

Ship's Company 1986 (Banjo West)

Enroute Portsmouth NH 1986.jpg (29457 bytes)

Mobile phone? Gift from Portsmouth, Hampshire, to Portsmouth, New Hampshire 1986 (Banjo West)

fair weather RAS 1986 RFA Olna.jpg (21108 bytes)

RAS RFA Black Rover (possibly Gold Rover) 1986. (Banjo West)

proc_Mountbatten.jpg (29925 bytes)

Visit of Lord Mountbatten (Nobby (Ray) Clarke)

sirius new york 1986.jpg (52389 bytes)

Sirius in New York 1986 (Banjo West)

sirius ops dept 1986.jpg (54416 bytes)

Ops Dept 1986 (Banjo West)

Preparations for Paint Ship.jpg (29386 bytes)

Prepare to paint ship 1968 (Nobby (Colin) Clark)

HMS_ Rhyl from Sirius.jpg (34414 bytes)

HMS Rhyll 1968 (Nobby (Colin) Clark)

Sirius and Rhyl jackstay transfer Atlantic.jpg (28351 bytes)

HMS Sirius, HMS Rhyll, jackstay transfer, 1968, (Nobby (Colin) Clark)

Alongside in Ponta delgada.jpg (34417 bytes)

In Ponta Delgada, Azores. Traders on board during a fuelling stop on the way to the W.Indies, 1968. (Nobby Clark)

Alongside pos.St Pete.jpg (30548 bytes)

Ponta Delgada 1968 (Nobby Clark)

Jack in Miami-Names elude me.jpg (18881 bytes)

Jack ashore, Miami 1968. CEM Freddie Mills on right (Nobby Clark)

Bill_Adamson_Nairobi_Cricket_Festival_mod.jpg (50911 bytes)

Cricket festival Nairobi 1966, to which  Sirius sent a team (Bill Adamson)

Bill_Adamson_Sirius_Nov66_mod.jpg (31540 bytes)

Sirius Nov 1966 (so must be the Med?) Bill Adamson

Mrs_Bullock_HMS_Sirius_&_another_Jan1967.jpg (39780 bytes)

Sirius in Kilindini harbour, Mombasa, Jan 1967.
Presented by Ron Bullock, the son of the late Mrs Bullock, a Mombasa resident who used to entertain crew members from visiting ships.

Jock_Havlin_TASI_Buster_Brown_Kilidini_Rd_Mombassa.jpg (35941 bytes)

 Buster Brown, Kilindini Rd Mombasa (Jock Havlin)

Jock_Havlin_End_of_commish_dance_Guildhall_Pompey.jpg (31533 bytes)

End of Commission dance at Portsmouth Guildhall  (Jock Havlin)

Bill_Adamson_forward_POs_Mess_mod.jpg (48451 bytes)

For'd POs mess, 1966
?, ?, Bill Adamson (R Mech),Charlie Brown, ?, ?, ? CY Ted Pepper was Mess Pres, later  invalided off with serious injuries after falling from the bridge top whilst dressing the ship overall for Kenyatta Day in Mombasa. (Bill Adamson)

Jock_Havlin_Sods_Opera_3.jpg (18753 bytes)

Sods Opera (Jock Havlin)

Jock_Havlin_Sods_Opera_4.jpg (26552 bytes)

Sods Opera (Jock Havlin)

Jock_Havlin_Sods_Opera2.jpg (30093 bytes)

Sods Opera (Jock Havlin)

Jock_Havlin_The_King_Tonga.jpg (32746 bytes)

Tonga - the King (Jock Havlin)

Jock_Havlin_Lunch_snack_Coronation_feast_Tonga.jpg (41790 bytes)

Post coronation ceremonial feast, Tonga  (Jock Havlin)

Jock_Havlin_Sods_Opera_1.jpg (23108 bytes)

Sods Opera (Jock Havlin)

3EZ_Mess1980_FromMarkOfford.jpg (48952 bytes)

3EZ Mess, 1980 (Ginge Offord). From L-R: Paddy Morrisey; Fingers Orr; John Heasom; Norman Hawkes

snfl74_en_route_to_Denmark_PMagwood.jpg (66708 bytes)

Stanflorvant May 1974

L-R: USS Julius A. Furer, HMS Sirius, FGS Augsburg, HMCS Annapolis (flagship), HNLMS Rotterdam, Almirante Periera da Silva,  HNoMS Narvik.

(From Peter Magwood, RCN, Photo taken by Cpl Dennis Mah of Annapolis. Biscay en route to Denmark)

Jock_Havlin_AB_at_Play_time_ Silver_Sands_Mombassa.jpg (31854 bytes)

Jack at play

Silversands, Mombasa (Jock Havlin)

streaky_1.jpg (71686 bytes)

Carlsberg Brewery Copenhagen, 1979/80. Streaky Bacon at front, Mo Morriss at back, the late Brian McClennagan with back to camera. (Streaky Bacon)

streaky_2.jpg (74459 bytes)

Carlsberg Brewery Copenhagen, 1979/80. Streaky on left, then Brian McClennagan, Mo Morriss, CY & RS. POGI on right (Streaky Bacon)

SiriusCrewJayne1000.jpg (47778 bytes)

S&S Dept Gibraltar 1982

(Dave Gutowska)

robbieburns1W.jpg (66431 bytes)  

Sirius after RAS 1980 (Robbie Burns)


robbieburns2w.jpg (44910 bytes)  

Ship's Christmas card, 1980 (Robbie Burns)


Sirius2Jayne800.jpg (43519 bytes)

"Hands to dinner. Port 30" 
(Dave Gutowska)


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