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QM:          LS(S) YATES
BM:          AB(S) AYRES

“Life Begins at F40”
1900 – 1930               Arrive at Unicorn Gate.
1935                             Clear Lower Deck – muster in the Mess.

2300                             Pipe Down.

1.  Friday Muster  - You must arrive between 1900 and 1930 at Unicorn Gate.  Do not drink and drive.  If you think you won’t be able to drive home – do not bring your car.  Rig is collar attached shirt, jumpers must have collar visible, smart jeans or trousers and shoes.

 2.  Clear Lower Deck  - The following personnel have volunteered to conduct Store Ship (Beer) and are to muster at 1935 in the Mess:  Pam and Lisa Ayres, Mark Lamb and Sharon Quinn, Ian Danskin and guest, Dicky and Annette Dawes, David and Jayne Gutowska, Graham and Jackie Sainty, Russ Comery, Jimmy and Pauline Greaves, Taff Humble and Phillip Hancock, Paddy O’Reilly, Taff Evans, Chris and Susan Gore, Stalky and Barbara Thornhill, Chris Willey, Pete and Ida Brooksby, Bill and Margaret Cock, Don-John Buckland, Gary Burton, John Holness and Jackie Stewart, Wayne Edwards, Taff Knowles, Michael and Naomi Walker, Jess Yates, John Beard, Isaac and Rosemary Newton, Ginge and Sue Whiting, Mick and Vivian Leeson, Screwey Driver, Blackie and June Blackman, Brokey Brokenshire, Gunga Dunne, John Havlin and Janet Park, John Train, Malcolm and Janet Davies, James Munro, Dickie and Sandra Davies, Yorkie Beevers, Alan Mitchell, Trevor Iseard, Paul and Nancy Willans, Nigel and Ruth Tarry, John and Linda Kelly, Shiner Wright, Nobby Noble, Charlie and Maureen Liu, Joe Jordan, Jan Schofield, Whiskey Hague and Brenda Day, John Garwood, Micheal and Rosemary Cockerill, Paddy Green, Ian Keates, Bill Adamson, Bob Burton and Sharon Blake, Robbie and Phillipa Burns, Dave Mugridge, Shuggy Price, Mickey Goble.

3.  Security  - Not a dirty word.  You will be entering Her Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth via Unicorn Gate.  All ex-serving personnel, their guests and serving personnel’s guests will be checked off against a list held at the gate.  If your name is not on the list, you will not get in.  Have your membership card to hand.  Exit will be via Unicorn Gate.  You will be issued with a security pass that you must display at all times.  When unescorted by service personnel, you must proceed directly between the gate and the mess and vice versa.  Just because you are now a civvy, it does not mean that you will not get trooped for conduct unbecoming of a matelot in the Naval Base.  You will go over the wall and I will get taken down the tiller flat.  Make sure you have your membership card.

4.  HMS Victory / Naval Base Tour -  A visit to HMS Victory and a stroll around the Naval Base has been arranged for tomorrow, including a drink in the mess onboard Nelson’s Flagship.  Attendees are to muster in the carpark outside the WOs & SRs Mess at 1000 tomorrow (Saturday).  You should arrive at Unicorn Gate between 0930 and 0950.  A maximum of 50 visitors has been imposed, so get your name on the list tonight if you want to be there on Saturday or you can come on Sunday instead.  If you cannot walk approximately 3 miles in a couple of hours, please let Pam know.  Those not staying to watch the football in the mess will be leaving the Naval Base around 12-1300.

5.  Games Night  -  Uckers you muckers (Spell check correct).  There will be an inter-commission Uckers championship during the reunion on Saturday.  See Pam tonight to get your name on the list.  It is intended to have a standing Trophy for the winning Commission each reunion with a BEER prize!!  To keep things simple, the teams will be 66-69, 70-79, 80-89 and 90-93.  No ludo, hacking, six-throwing, unless you’re called Pam and no more jam than Hartley’s biggest factory, unless you’re called Gary Burton.  No timber shifting, suck backs, blow backs etc.  No made up rules by geriatrics who can’t remember the proper rules.

Pam Ayres

CPO (Sonar)




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