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OOD:         CPO(S) AYRES
DH:             AB HAGUE
QM:               LS WALKER
BM:               AB DUNNE

40th Anniversary Reunion “Life Begins at F40”

1000                  Both Watches to Muster for HMS Victory visit / Tot issue / Naval Base Tour –See note 1
1015 – 1230      Victory visit & Tot issue / Naval Base Tour.
1500                   England v Paraguay – World Cup 2006.
1900-1930         Ship’s Company to Muster – Unicorn Gate.
1930                   Reunion – 3 tins per man per day. Rig – Very Smart Casuals. Collars/trousers/shoes. Optional Balck Tie for 1st commission and anyone else who's keen
2030-2130         Hands to Dinner – See Note 2.
2130                   Clear Lower Deck. O/C Sounding of the Ship’s Sirens. See note 10.
2145                   Disco / Uckers Championship.

0100                   Pipe Down

1.  HMS Victory / Naval Base Tour -  Attendees are to muster in the carpark outside the WOs & SRs Mess at 1000.  You should arrive at Unicorn Gate between 0930 and 0950.  Those not staying to watch the football in the mess will be leaving the Naval Base around 1230 - 1300.

2.  Hands to Dinner – The caterer has provided a veritable feast for scran consisting of: Stir Fried Beef, Chilli-con-carne, Chicken Korma, Chicken Breast and Chips and a Vegetarian dish.  Bread Rolls, Naan Bread, Garlic Bread, side salad and a selection of condoms are available.  A separate eating area has been arranged.  No smoking in or around this area please.

3.  Raffle – There will be a Ship’s Company Raffle during the evening for cash prizes and three free prizes in a free raffle for the Ladies! 

4.  Security - Not a dirty word.  You will be entering Her Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth via Unicorn Gate.  All ex-dogstars and their guests will be checked off against a list held at the gate.  If your name is not on the list, you will not get in.  Have your membership card to hand.  Exit will be via Unicorn Gate.  You will be issued with a security pass that you must display at all times.  When unescorted by service personnel, you must proceed directly between the gate and the mess and vice versa.  Just because you are now a civvy, it does not mean that you will not get trooped for conduct unbecoming of a matelot in the Naval Base.  You will go over the wall and I will get taken down the tiller flat.  Make sure you have your membership card.

5.  Announcements - If there are any members of the Ship’s Company that would like an announcement made during the reunion, please let Pam know well in advance.

6.  Charity - John Train will be collecting for the Mayor of Portsmouth’s Charity – the FVF – The Falklands Veterans Federation.  Please feel free to seek him out to make a donation if you wish.

7.  Ship’s Painting - Anyone wishing to have their favourite photograph of the ship transformed into a painting should view the painting of Sirius and contact Pam today.

8.  Model of Sirius - Any budding model makers are invited to take the model home for a refit.  The Ship’s Company can be assured that after the refit, the ship will not be taken out and sunk for target practice like the last time!!

9.  Your stuff  - Please bring along your photos and gizzits of your time on Sirius.  A display area will be set aside to show your mementoes.  Don’t forget to bring a camera and get the pictures on the website.

10.  Ship’s Sirens  - Subject to the permission of the Naval Base Commander, the Ship’s Sirens will be sounded at 2200 to celebrate the service of HMS Sirius.  We will also take a moment to remember those no longer with us.  The sirens are from our old ship, rescued by steam enthusiast Taff Humble, the Captain’s Steward prior to the ship’s demise in 1998.  Although originally steam operated, they will be “honked” by compressed air.  Thanks Taff.

11.  And Finally  -  HMS Sirius was commissioned on 15th June 1966.  Please remember this on the 15th and look back with pleasure at a great ship and what I hope will be a fantastic 40th Anniversary and Fifth Official Reunion.

12.  And talking of finals – Sirius was commissioned 40 years ago and England won the World Cup 40 years ago.  Today, England play their first game against Paraguay in World Cup 06. Sirius never visited Paraguay, but has visited the other countries in the group; Sweden, Gothenburg (1978) and Trinidad (1970/73).  Who is in the know?  Why was Sirius NEVER allowed to visit Paraguay?  Let’s hope England go all the way.

CPO (Sonar)



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