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OOD:             CPO(OPS)(R) LEESON
DPO:              PO(R) BRIDGE 
DLH:               LS(R) JORDAN / LS(R) TARRY
DH:                   AB(R) EDWARDS/AB(R) GOBLE
QM:                          LS(R) NOBLE
BM:                           AB(R) OWEN / AB(R) DRIVER

“Life Begins at F40”
0930-0945               Arrive at Unicorn Gate for Church Service.
0950                             Muster in carpark and walk to St Anne’s.
1045-1100               Arrive at Unicorn Gate for Victory visit/Naval Base Tour
1105                             Muster in carpark.
1115-1230               Victory visit/tot/tour
1300                             Leave.  Leave expires in September 2008 for the Sixth

Official Reunion (HMS Drake) and in June 2007 for Sea Training (Booze Cruise!) (Plymouth).

1.  Security  - You will be entering Her Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth via Unicorn Gate.  All ex-serving personnel, their guests and serving personnel’s guests will be checked off against a list held at the gate.  If your name is not on the list, you will not get in.  Have your membership card to hand.  Exit will be via Unicorn Gate.  You will be issued with a security pass that you must display at all times.  When unescorted by service personnel, you must proceed directly between the gate and the mess and vice versa.  Just because you are now a civvy, it does not mean that you will not get trooped for conduct unbecoming of a matelot in the Naval Base.  You will go over the wall and I will get taken down the tiller flat.  Make sure you have your membership card.  

2.  Church Service  -  Ex-Dogstars have been invited to join the Sunday Service in St Anne’s Church in the Naval Base to remember our old shipmates who missed the muster yesterday and to celebrate HMS Sirius’s distinguished service.  All are welcome to attend.  You should arrive at Unicorn Gate between 0930 and 0945 and muster in the carpark at 0950.  

3.  HMS Victory / Naval Base Tour -  A visit to HMS Victory and a stroll around the Naval Base has been arranged for today, including a drink in the mess onboard Nelson’s Flagship.  Attendees are to muster in the carpark outside the WOs & SRs Mess at 1105.  You should arrive at Unicorn Gate between 1045 and 1100.  If you cannot walk approximately 3 miles in a couple of hours, please let Pam know.  

4.  Keep in Touch  -  All new information about future reunions and pictures from this reunion will appear on the website – www.hmssirius.info  Make sure you check it regularly.  If you don’t have a computer at home (like me) or you don’t know how to use one, get down to your local library and they will show you how easy it can be.  Alternatively, get a friend to check the website for you.  If you miss the website – you may miss the reunion!  A huge thank you to Isaac Newton; the Webmaster, responsible for legally and proficiently displaying our information on the website.  Thanks also to Gary Burton, who has been a great help in collating the attendees and passing e-info back and forth and keeping us all up to date.  Thanks to Lisa for putting up with you and me!  You can email Isaac, Gary and Pam in one, by using the email address 40years@hmssirius.info.  Make sure you send your pictures to Isaac to put on the website.  Finally, thank you all for making it worth the effort.  See you next year or in 2008.

Pam Ayres
CPO (Sonar)




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