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HMS Sirius Lost Oppos

Lost touch with an oppo' from the Sirius? Send me the gory details and I'll put them up onto this page. Eventually they'll be indexed by the search engines (Google, etc). Email webmaster@hmssirius.info with your details and those of the oppo you seek.  Entitle the email "Lost oppos".

This is a manual process, so please be patient while I find the time to update the site. NOTE - let me know if you change your address - or you're wasting your time putting it up! And also, please let me know when you are successful, so I know I'm not wasting my time and bandwidth.



Name (as you were known on Sirius) rate years on Sirius Mess Part of Ship Email, see contacts page Oppos name Rate Part of ship
Bruno Brown Lt 1939-45 Wardrm . Wartime Sirius - cruiser - anyone
Des Jones Ldg Stoker 1942-46 Wartime Sirius - cruiser - anyone
Jimmy Green AB seaman 1942 RDF Wartime Sirius - cruiser - anyone
Fred (Shorty) Biggs PO 1943-45 PO's engine room/guns Wartime Sirius - cruiser - anyone
Bill Millington Marine 1946-47 ? ? Wartime Sirius - cruiser - anyone
Ken Hibberd AB 1947 Fx Wartime Sirius - cruiser - anyone, and AB George Boot
Ian "Ginger" Grant Boy seaman 1948-50 stbd midships Fx Wartime Sirius - cruiser - anyone
Barry Heath Boy sig & ord sig 1948-49 Comms Flag deck Wartime Sirius - cruiser - Bogey Knight/any soccer player
Bagsy Baker ERA1 65-66 Hard Lyers os machinery All the standby crew - -
Billy Smart 1966 Paul Willans UC? 
Buck Taylor A/B A/LS 65-67 after seamans  QD, turret, OA's mate Paddy Goldsmith, and anyone else 
Buster Brown LS UC1 1965-67 QD "Dog Stars Group" various various
Peter (Tojo) Grimshaw AB UC2 65-67 Qdeck Qdeck "All who knew me"

Eddie Fisher





John Train LME 65-67 3K Stokers tanky, helo fire fighter ME's: Baldwin, Craven, Wigmore, Taff Davies ME's Boiler Rm, Engine Rm
Bill Cock POM(E)
1965-67 2E/CPOs "everywhere, man!" Dave Pattison CPO Shipwright everywhere
Jumper Collins RMech1 1965-67 1H CPOs MCO/EMR Jimmy Green RS MCO
Bob Lawton ME1/LME 1965-67 3K Stokers O/S machinery Wally Hammond, johnny Yeomans, Ben Truman ME1 various
John "Rusty" Crome MEM/LMEM 65-67 3K Stokers M/C spaces Brian "skippy" Skipworth MEM/LMEM m/c spaces
Bungy (Taff) Williams UC3 66-67 3M1 Quarterdeck Taff (Gorkey) Thomas AB Quarterdeck
Slinger Wood RO3(U)(T) 66-67 3E Comms EWO Dave Warrior RO3(U)(T) Comms
Gunga Dunne AB gunner 66-67 3F Gunners party "Ken the Dog" AB FC2 TS
Jock Havlin REM 66-67 3L greenies WE Radio Tony (Buster) Brown TASI UW
"Jimmy" Greaves JS/OS 66-67 Juniors & RPs RP Pete Colly, & anyone else who remembers me ("I do"- Webmaster) various various
Whiskey Walker LS UC2 66-68 aft seamens QD - - -
John "Big George" Morris OS/AB 66-68 RPs Top (Boat party) Dave Strip AB Boat Party
"Isaac" Newton CEA App/CEA3 66-68 3K stokers, 3M RPs, 3L Greenies, POs WE various Dick Kefford CEA2 WE Dept
Cliff Williams CEA App/CEA3 67-68 3M RPs, Greenies WE Brian Westlake LS RP
Paul Hitchcock AB - UC2 67-68 3P Qtr deck Bailey Twins, (Arthur & Frank), Larry Lamb, Buck Taylor UC2 s Messman/Top/Ax
Peter Brooksby (Brooko) ME1 67-68 3K Eng RU store Nigel Prince LME Boiler room
Scouse Ireland LEM 67-69 Greenies Elec office wtr Taff Gibbon (& any other mess mate) REM W/T & Radar
Tommo Thompson POREL 67-69 Radio/RADAR Brian Bain CEA WE
Buck Taylor AB 68 3N1 Fo'c'sle Jonno Johnson AB Fo'c'sle
Gordon Hardcastle RO/LRO(G) 68-71 3D MCO Members of ships band "Fresh Bread"/Any Comms
Fred Hobbis AB UC* 68-71 Qtr deck Terry Jefferies AB UC* Qtr deck
Jan Cook RM 68-71 3L barracks Fo'c'sle Ginge Webster AB fo'c's'le
Knocker White RO2(T) 68-71 3E Comms Bridge/flag deck Dave (bagsey) Baker Ro2(G) MCO/skiving
Bagsy Baker RO1(G) 68-71 3E MCO Roger Barrow RO1(W) Golly shop
Roger Barrow RO(W) 69-71 3MS, & Comms MCO/EWO Dave baker RO(G) MCO
Taff Davies MEM 69-71 3K Stokers Boiler Rm/Tiller flt John Neil Cook
 Glen King
MEM Engine Room
Brum Sheffield AB QR(A) 69-72 3M WE Brian Ferns CPO Weapons Tech
Stumpy Cox MEM 69-72 3K Boiler rm/eng rm Glen King, Taff Davies, Geoff Woodhall MEM Blr/Eng Rm
Peter "Nobby" Clarke Jack Dusty 69-72 Anyone who knew me
Tomo PO 69-72 Aft PO's Radio/radar Scouse Calvert PO WE
Bungy Williamson REM 69-72 3F Various Tag Gorton LCEM
JN Scott LREM 70 Greenies UHF Fez Parker/Alkie Books WEM(O) W/E writer
Fred Fox LS QA1 71-73 3L Barracks QM, boats, Fx Ginge Pinchen Royal boats
Fred Perrett LRO(W) 71-73 3E EWO Norman Rice LRO(W) EWO
John Garwood A/LREM 71-73 3F Radar, CCW, EW Tag Gorton & Gatnotrog, Jock Goodwin LCEM, CEA Comms, Sonar
Steve Drinkell AB RP2 71-73 3M2 Top, QD Michael Street AB, TAS QD
Tag Gorton LCEM 71-73 3F Internal Comms any messmates - -
Bob Ellicker LRO 72-73 Bridge/ops/flag deck Anyone who knew me - -
Mick Temple AB 72-73 3M Gunners yeoman Taff Barker AB painter
Ginge Pinchen Royal 72-74 3L (Barracks) boats Freddy Fox LS, QA1 Gunnery
Doc/DJ/Ginger/ DJ Mott-Buckland LMA/POMA 72-74 RM/Sick Bay Sick Bay Any - -
Windy Breese Mne 73-75 3L QD Any
Nick Carter MEM 1974 3K stokers Boiler Rm Anyone who knew me - -
"The Canadian" PO April/May 1974 24D upper deck Sharkey Ward PO weapons
CHRIS POMEROY LCEM 73-75 3F greenies internal comms any ex mess member
Garry Tooth (Toothy) JS 73-75 3M Stbd Quarter Deck Peel. Frost. Mulligan. Stevens. Mcgregor. etc JS QD
Blackie Blackman AB(R) 73-75 3M Top/fo'c'sle Simon Driscoll, Ray Caddy AB(R), AB(S) QD & Top
Tommo Thomas CEM1/LCEM 73-75 3F (?) Internal comms "Anyone with memory" (lets me out!) - -
Dave (Whacker) Payne AB(S) 1976 Aft seamens QM, AX, swimmer
Peter Lugar COE Mech 75-80 CPO 1H High Power Grenville (George) Cleugh CMEM ME dept
John Holness LS(R) 77-79 Top David Milner LS(R) Top
Andy Anderson MEM 77-79 3M ME anyone who remembers me from this era? - -
Brum/Crash AB(R) 77-79 aft sailors fore-top, QM & messman Carl Brassington, Screwy Driver, & Clive Milner (sacky) AB(S) & Ldr(R) All over the place
Burt Weedon LRO(W) 77-80 3MS EWO/MCO Anyone out there? - -
Jacko Jackson JS(R), S(R) 77-80 3MP Top Anyone who knew me - -
Roger Benton PO Ck 77-80 PO's Galleys Don Albon PO Golly EWO
Brokey Brokenshire AB (R) 77-80 3M2 Top Screwy (Driver), Ted (Walsh) Sacky (Milner) Radar Ops Top
George Malcolmson LRO(W) 78-80 3M stbd EWO anyone who knew me
Nigel Mitchell AB(S), LS(S) 78-80 3L Bo Yeo anyone who knew me - -
Phil Owen AB(R) 77-80 3MP Top/Ops Rm All Ops - -
Bob Burton S (S)/LS(S) 77-80 3L Fx/Ax Whiskey Walker PO(S) Ax
Bob (Radar) Beaken RO(G) 78-80 3M Stbd MCO Anyone - -
Doc POMA 78-80 POs Sick Bay Jaime Munro Capts PO Stwd Captains cabin
Taff/Bungy Edwards J/S - AB (R) 78-80 3M port Top Derek Noble, Steve Knowles, and anyone else - -
Phil Bridge PO(R)/
CPO (Ops)
78-81 PO & CPO HC/Top/Fx Neville Jones PO(R) HC/Top
Robert Spicer MEM(M) 78-81 3M Port Boiler room any - -
Nobby Noble JS(R)-LS(R) 78-89 (on & off) M Port various Stevie Court, Julie Walters Seamen(R) Top
Mark "Larry" Lamb SSMEM(M) 79-81 3K stokers Boiler room Danny Danskin, Fergy Ferguson MEM -
Jan Preddy JS, AB, diver 79-82 3EA Fo'c'sle George Mowatt, Dave Bateman AB 3EA
pip cox AB(M) 80-82 forward gunners focsle any gunners that went to scotland Gunners -
Ralph Beckett POMEM 80-83 PO's Boiler room - - -
Eddie Edwards MEM(M) 80-84 3K Eng/blr rm Ash Ashworth MEM(M)
Dutchy Holland LWEM 81-83 3EZ Int comms anyone - -
Topsy Turner MEM(M) 81-83 3K Blr room Miner Pitman, Bungy Williams, Dave Tudge
Graham Bennie (Benney) WEM(R)1 81-84 3EZ various anyone - -
Eric Morley MEM(M) 81-85 3K stoker Brendan Whitehead WEM(R) WE
Eddie Attwell Cook 82-85 3L galley Robbie Burns

Taff Watkins



Catering Off

Ships Office

Kevin "Smudge" Smith AB(S) 82-86 For'd Q'deck, focsle steve "pompey" fagan AB(EW) EW
Gaz Burton AB - PO(S) 82-93 3EZ,3M, POs Lots Brum Bayliss & Dave Watkinson LS(R), AB(M) Lots
Hugh (Shuggy, Pricky) Price LMEA/POMEA 83-84 3K, PO's Boiler Rm see below


LWEM(O) Mo Moverley, MEM/LMEM: Hoppy Hopcraft, Ozzie Austin, Eric Morley, Paddy Duff, Arfur Glass, Dave Tudge, Bagsy Baker, George Henderson, Netley Ned, Hoppy Hopwood, the Bungy (twins), John Quigley, Miner Pitman, Max Otteson, 

Any of these Clanky Senior Rates: Dave Thomas, Ralph White, Whisky Walker, Norm Flockhart, Andy Feaver, Russ Tarley plus of course CCPO Arnie Henstock etc

Steve Pearson 83-86 3M MCO mad george mcerlane and brum casey RO1(G) MCO
Tim Coonan PO Stwd 83-87 PO's Wardroom paul hayward, ben weavis POME ME Dept
George Mcerlane RO1(G) 84-86 3M MCO brum casey/poncho pearson R01(G) Comms
Paul Pineiro 84-86 3E WEMO irish o'reilly si marston dick whittington
Hoppy LMEM 84-87 3K Eng/boiler rooms John Gregg LMA Sickbay
Andy Stuart (Stu) WEM(O)1 84-87 3E Comms \Gyros\Exocet Shoggy Price,Mark Stenson, Nobby Clark,Andy Orton WEM
Banjo West JS(R)-LS(R) 84-88 3M Taff Cooper LS(R) ops Room
Tim Blamey AB(R) 84 - 89 RP'S RP
Andy Knott LSA 85-87 3L Stores Sid Evans LSA Stores
Goldy Goldsmith MEM 85-88 3K Eng/Boiler/Outside Runner Stevie paddy Mc keown MEM Fridges/TA watch
Rick Hastings CWEM(O) 86 - '87 CPO WE Admin Anyone who remembers me
Mac Mackenzie AB(M) 86-88 fwd sailors routine office writer Dickie, RO Davis & blue Mcmorris RO & AB(R) Comms & FX
 JJ (Jon) Kennedy MEM 86-88 3K ME JJ JJ Your address doesn't work  Nobby (Nick) Clarke  MEM ME
Junior  Schofield MEM 86-89 Stokers Darby  MEM Stokers
Nobby Clarke MEM 86-89 3K various si dunne, buck(mark) taylor, goldie(Matt) goldsmith, JJ Kennedy MEM ME
Stu Bowman AB (S) 86-89 3EZ FX/AX/DHP
Clint Eastwood AB (EW) 86-89 3MP EWO Graham Ross RO(G) MCO
Brum Case MEM 86-89 Stokers, port Tiller flat phill evans LMEM Engine room
Joe Jordan LS Radar 86-89 3M Stbd Q deck Joe - you didn't give me your email address! Steve "Taff" Knowles PO Radar various
James Robertson (HMS Argonaut) MEM 87 enquiries@assisticare.com Alan "Henry" Cooper MEA Henry was on Argonaut with 1983-5
Clint Eastwood 87-89 pse contact webmaster Graham Ross RO
Ash Salter AB (EW) 87-91 seamen's AX Richard Short AB(M)
Penny Bridge LS(R) 87-93 3M Stbd FX, AX, Top, Ops room  any
"Jonah" AB(S) 88-93 3EZ FX< AX< Divers yeo "Oscar" AB(S)
oscar wilde ab(s) 88-97 3EZ op/boats/ax/fx/painter Oscar - you didn't give me your email address!  jonah ab x divers yo
Macca Macpherson Cook 89-91 S&S aft Galley Taffy Thomas cook/caterer galley
Roy Buffin Ck, LCk 90-92 and 86-89 3L Galley Lck Matthews LCk galley
Deborah Wishart AB 91 WRNS Navvies Yeoman Debs, you didn't give me your email - don't you trust me? anyone
Gaz Stocks Stwd 91-93 3L, 3MPt Wardroom Steve Foston Ck Main Galley
Chuck Berry RO1(T) 92, 93 3M stbd Comms Kev Brown RO1 Comms

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