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 Photos Page 2

15 preparing to tow HMAS Vampire May 1967.jpg (59710 bytes)

Preparing to tow HMAS Vampire May 67



26 Soapy Watson & Dog Star Sth China Sea May 1967.jpg (23294 bytes)

Soapy Watson  & Dog Star, South China Sea May 67

30 Wanchai at night May 1967.jpg (34007 bytes)

Wanchai May 67

31 Sirius floodlit Hong Kong May 1967.jpg (46537 bytes)

Lit up in Hong Kong

43 Sirius in Townsville_ Australia June 1967.jpg (33443 bytes)

Short stop in Townsville, Australia, June 67

05 Sydney harbour & bridge as we sail into foul weather June 1967.jpg (25947 bytes)

On leaving Sydney June 67

08 Miss New Zealand Wellington June 1967.jpg (40134 bytes)

Preparing to give Miss New Zealand a thrill, Wellington June 67

10 Wellington Harbour New Zealand June 1967.jpg (49913 bytes)

Wellington harbour. June 67

17 Sirius lying off Nuku'alofa_ Tonga July 1967.jpg (44199 bytes)

Sirius lying off Nuku'alofa, Tonga July 67

17 Tonga_ unloading gift from Fiji to King. Alan Whicker on jetty July 1967.jpg (65871 bytes)

Unloading gift from people of Fiji to King of Tonga. Alan Whicker on jetty. The Tongan coronation was one of the first colour television broadcasts by the BBC

18 landing for banyan on a Tongan island July 1967.jpg (50064 bytes)

going ashore for a banyan. The landing ramp ran away, and the handles spun so fast they straightened out!

19 banyan beach_ Tonga July 1967.jpg (52323 bytes)

Banyan beach

24 Police guard at palace gate July 1967.jpg (74875 bytes)

The palace gate, Tonga

26 Police guard Tonga July 1967.jpg (61524 bytes)

Tongan police guard

27 Police guard_ Sirius and HMAS Anzac behind July 1967.jpg (37066 bytes)

Tongan police, Sirius & HMAS Anzac behind

28 Tonga coronation day choir entering chapel 4th July 1967.jpg (41870 bytes)

Choir entering the chapel

30 King entering chapel  Tonga July 1967.jpg (63150 bytes)

King entering the chapel. 4th July 1967

32 Queen entering chapel  Tonga  July 1967.jpg (37848 bytes)

Queen entering the chapel

35 crowned king returns to palace Tonga July 1967.jpg (88887 bytes)

King returning to the palace. (NB taken with 40 mm lens. We really were that close!)

37 Judiciary Tonga July 1967.jpg (58907 bytes)

Judiciary leaving the chapel

39 Jack at the coronation Tonga July 1967.jpg (46843 bytes)


43 HMAS Anzac firework display July 1967.jpg (24417 bytes)

HMAS Anzac firework display

45 sunrise_ and HMAS Anzac July 1967.jpg (41724 bytes)

Anzac, as we prepared to sail from Tonga 6th July 1967

tonga stamps.jpg (54910 bytes)

Tonga Coronation - stamps like milk bottle tops

tonga programme 2.jpg (58470 bytes)

Tonga Coronation - programme

tonga programme 1.jpg (45437 bytes)and again

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